Precise PTZ Camera control with any USB joystick. 

Ditch the unproductive joystick control panels that can not even Pan, Tilt, and Zoom simultaneously!

Rocosoft PTZJoy Controller Software allows users to turn any joystick into a professional PTZ camera controller. Our software supports camera control using any wired USB joystick, wireless bluetooth joystick, or gaming joystick.

Rocosoft USB Joystick PTZ Control

Rocosoft USB Joystick PTZ Control

Three Performance Modes
  • X-Joystick-panning on X axis only
  • Slow mode-limit top joystick speed
  • Soft mode-gradual joystick speed acceleration
Custom Button Mapping

Assign specific commands to your joystick's shortcut buttons such as zoom in/out, focus near/far/manual/auto, iris up/down/manual/auto, switch preset, switch camera, switch port, and more.