PTZ Camera Control Solutions

Rocosoft offers complete solutions to connect and control Robotic PTZ cameras.

Rocosoft PTZ Controller software allows you build Professional PTZ Camera Control Systems by using the wired or wireless professional or gaming USB Joysticks.

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software offers complete PTZ camera management with local and far-end control from any computer, tablet, TriCaster, vMix, Livestream, Wirecast, and other Live Production Systems. Designed to be used with the industry’s top live streaming solutions and professional robotic cameras, this software unveils the true possibilities for PTZ camera management.

Our software is a virtual joystick remote control panel that eliminates the need for expensive dedicated hardware joystick controllers for PTZ camera control and adds advanced functionality that is simply not available with any other hardware or software controller on the market.

Our Innovative PTZPad™ Visual Control Panel allows users to create a custom graphic user interface with a visual layout of camera presets on a live video or static image background.

The PTZJoy™ Controller Software is compatible with all PTZ cameras connected to a LAN, WAN,and Wi-Fi network as well as the cameras that connect to a computer via serial RS-232, RS-422, RS-485,or USB ports. That includes Sony, Panasonic, NewTek, PTZOptics, JVC, Datavideo, Lumens, Bolin, Huddlecam, Vaddio, Hitachi, and all other IP and Serial Port PTZ cameras. Our software is universal and will give you control of all Broadcasting PTZ cameras from the same interface. Mix or match.

Rocosoft Extendable Control Cables allow PTZ Cameras to be located far away from a computer. Our USB to Serial RS-232 VISCA Extendable Control Cable can be extended up to 1000 ft with a standard CAT5-6 network cable. Our USB to Serial RS-422 Control Cable will give you 4000 ft extension with a standard network cable.

So no matter what type of Broadcasting PTZ camera you decide to use for your configuration, we have you covered.

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