RS-422 Control/Video/Power Sony RM-BR300-IP10 Cable Set


  • An easy way to connect multiple remote PTZ cameras to Sony Joystick Controller
  • RS-422 VISCA Control, Video, and Power over two CAT cables
  • Works with Sony RM-BR300 and RM-IP10 Joystick Controllers
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Rocosoft Sony RM-BR300 and RM-IP10 Joystick RS-422 Control, Video, and Power Multi-Camera Extendable Cable Set.

Rocosoft Sony Joystick Rs-422 Control/Video/Power Cable Set connects multiple VISCA PTZ cameras to Sony RM-BR300 Joystick Controller or Sony RM-IP10 Joystick Controller. It also supplies cameras with power and transfers video signals back to the video equipment.
Each camera connects to the Multiplexer Unit with two network cables with no need to daisy chain the cameras directly.


  • Allows PTZ camera control from Sony RM-BR300 Joystick controller or Sony RM-IP10 Joystick controller
  • Each camera connects to the Multiplexer Unit with two network cables with no need to daisy chain the cameras directly
  • The max extension distance for power is 80-140ft with a 15v5a power supply (depends on the camera) and 60-120ft with a stock 12v power supply.
  • The max extension distance for the video signal with the Control/Power/Video set is 400ft.
  • Video can be connected to a TriCaster, Livestream, vMix, any Live Production, Broadcasting, or Webcasting station, video grabber, DVR, TV, monitor, etc…
  • The max extension distance for control is 4000ft.

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Rocosoft Inc.

Supported Cameras

Sony: BRC-X1000, BRC-300, BRC-H300, BRC-H700, BRC-Z700, BRC-H900, BRC-Z330, SNC-RZ30, EVI-H100S, EVI-H100S/W, EVI-H100V, EVI-H100V/W, EVI-HD1, EVI-HD3V, EVI-HD7, EVI-DHD7V, SRG-300H, SRG-300SE, SRG-120DH, SRG-360, PCS-HG90, PCSA-CHG90, EVI-D30, EVI-D31, EVI-D70, EVI-D80, EVI-D90, EVI-D100, EVI-D100P, EVI-D20G, and all newer Sony Visca PTZ cameras.
Panasonic: AW-HE40, AW-HE50, AW-HE60, AW-HE120, AW-HE130, AW-UE70
Vaddio: RoboShot, ClearVIEW HD-18-19-20, ClearVIEW HD-USB, PowerVIEW HD-22-30, WallVIEW HD-18-19
HuddleCam HD: 3X, 10X 720p, 10X, 3X Wide, 12X, 18X, 20X, 30X
PTZOptics: 12X-IP, 12X-USB, 20X-IP, 20X-USB
Lumens: VC-A20P, VC-A202P, VC-G30, VC-G50, VC-200
Datavideo: PTC-120, PTC-100, PTC-150
Elmo: PTC-100s
Marshall: VISCA Cameras
Hitachi: VISCA Cameras
Bolin: VISCA Cameras
Ross: Pivotcam
1 Beyond: PTZ-S20, PTZ-IP12, PTZ-IP20, PTZ-IP30, Auto Tracker 2, AutoTracker 2 IP
All other PTZ cameras with a Mini Din8 RS-232 connector

Cable Type

Serial RS-422

Connector Type

Multiplexer Unit: RS-422 Wiring for Control In, 2xRJ45 for camera connections, RJ45 for uplink, RCA Female Jacks, EIAJ-4 Female Power Jacks
Camera Units: 2xRJ45 for Multiplexer connection, Mini-DIN8 Male Plugs, RCA Male Plug, EIAJ-4 Male Power Plug

Video Type

Works with NTSC, PAL, and SECAM video standards
Composite Video

Number of Cameras

2 Camera Set, 3 Camera Set, 4 Camera Set, 5-7 Camera Set – Contact us