UVCCam™ Controller Software Editions

UVCCam™ Pro Camera Control Software for UVC Cameras

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Product Highlights
  • UVC PTZ Camera Control Software
  • Works with Logitech, PTZOptics, HuddleCam, Bolin, Aver, and other USB PTZ Cameras
  • Directional buttons, Keyboard, On-Screen Control
  • Works with all Windows based computers, vMix, and all other Live Production Systems
  • Control up to 6 UVC cameras. Mix or match
  • Set and recall up to 500 presets
  • Two versions to choose from: UVCCam and UVCCam Pro
  • Far-end camera control from any device with a Web Browser
  • PTZPad™ Visual Control Panel
Supported Protocols

Any UVC Protocol


UVCCam™ Pro UVC Camera Control Software

Precisely control any PTZ UVC broadcasting camera.

Rocosoft UVCCam™ Pro UVC Controller is a complete multi-camera Controller for local and far-end management of Video Conferencing UVC PTZ cameras from any computer, tablet, laptop, vMix, and all other Live Production systems. It adds advanced functionality that is simply not available with any other hardware or software controller on the market.

Users can control cameras using directional buttons, keyboard shortcuts, or from any device over the Internet.

The UVCCam™ Pro UVC Controller supports all UVC PTZ Cameras. It is compatible with all UVC PTZ cameras connected to your computer via USB ports. That includes Sony, Lumens, PTZOptics, HuddlecamHD, Bolin, Aver, Logitech and most other UVC Cameras. So no matter what type of Video Conferencing camera you decide to use for your configuration, we have you covered. PTZ cameras of different brands can be mixed or matched and controlled with our software.

Designed to be used with the industry’s top Video Conferencing solutions, this software unveils the true possibilities for robotic camera management.

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZJoy UVC Main Panel

Precise Camera Control

With UVCCam, you are able to easily control your PTZ camera's pan, tilt, and zoom with variable speeds.

Easily Manage Presets

UVCCam makes preset management much simpler for the user by adding a visual component to preset management. Each preset can be assigned a picture, which can then be easily recalled with a single click. Preset setting and recalling is a very quick, one-click process.

Multi-Camera Management

With UVCCam, you can seamlessly manage multiple cameras, each with its own set of presets and settings. Switching between cameras is a simple one-click process. Not only that, but you can also mix and match UVC camera brands. For example, Cam1 can be Sony, Cam2 - PTZOptics, Cam3 - Logitech, etc, and UVCCam will provide seamless on-the-fly switching between them.

UVCCam™ Pro Key Features

  • Automatic detection of supported UVC PTZ Cameras
  • Video and control over a single USB cable
  • Camera Control using Directional Buttons
  • Camera Control using HotKeys keyboard shortcuts
  • Camera Control from anywhere using any device with a web browser
  • Camera Control with a programmable keyboard, like X-keys using Macros
  • Camera Control from any external program using HTTP requests
  • Control from anywhere in the world using any device with a Web Browser
  • Control up to 6 UVC cameras from one computer
  • Camera Name Save
  • PTZPad™ Visual Control Panel with a built-in USB Monitor for Live Video Background
  • Save and recall up to 500 presets per camera with names saved
  • Automatically call through presets using Preset Scan
  • Fast Recall Visual Preset Tile

PTZJoy Web Remote

Web Remote

UVCCam includes our Web Remote, which allows you to control your cameras over the internet with no latency anywhere in the world, from any device that has a browser. This is particularly useful for when you need to manage your cameras on the go.
The Web Remote offers all of the core PTZ control tools of UVCCam. That is, you can control the Pan-Tilt-Zoom, call presets, and switch between cameras.
Connecting to the Web Remote is as simple as entering the computer's URL into a browser.


Rocosoft Inc.

Media Type

PC Download – Software Installation and Activation Instructions and User Manual sent via email


1 computer per license. Purchased software does not expire

Operating Systems

Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows 10

Supported UVC Cameras

• Sony SRG-120DU
• Logitech ConferenceCam CC3000e
• Logitech ConferenceCam BCC950
• Logitech PTZ PRO
• HuddleCamHD 12x
• HuddleCam HD 18x
• PTZOptics: 12X-USB, 20X-USB, 12X-USB-G2, 20X-USB-G2
• Bolin all USB UVC PTZ Cameras
• Lumens all USB UVC PTZ Cameras
• Aver all USB UVC PTZ Cameras
• VDO360 VPTZH-01
• VDO360 VPTZHD-01
• VDO360 VPTZH-02 Compass

The use of some features may be limited due to camera limitations. If the camera supports the feature, it will work.uaranteed. The PTZ gear can be tested with Rocosoft VISCA Tester software. A two-way clear connection required.