Rocosoft UVCCam Software Product Comparison

Rocosoft UVCCam™ USB Camera Controller Product Comparison Table

Easy UVCCam UVCCam Pro
Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control Yes Yes
Plug and Play UVC Camera Setup Yes Yes
Video and Control over a single USB cable Yes Yes
Camera Control using Directional Buttons Yes Yes
Camera Control using HotKeys keyboard shortcuts Yes Yes
Far-End Camera Control from any device with a Web browser Yes Yes
Camera Control with a programmable keyboard, like X-keys using Macros Yes Yes
Camera Control from any external program using HTTP requests Yes Yes
Number of controlled UVC Camerase 6 6
Exposure Settings Adjustment Yes Yes
Start with Windows Yes Yes
Minimize to the Task Bar Yes Yes
USB Video Monitor Yes Yes
Image Save Yes Yes
Visual Camera Tiles Yes Yes
Fast Recall Visual Preset Tiles 9
Preset Dialer Yes
Number of Presets per Camera Up to 500
Preset Scan Yes
PTZPad Visual Control Panel Yes