Rocosoft PTZJoy™ VISCA Controller Product Comparison Table

Easy PTZJoy PTZJoy Pro PTZJoy Studio
Camera Control with any USB Joystick Yes Yes Yes
Camera Control with Virtual on-screen Joystick Yes Yes Yes
Camera Control with on-screen Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus Buttons Yes Yes Yes
Simultaneous Pan-Tilt-Zoom Joystick Camera Control with variable speed Yes Yes Yes
XBox and Gaming Joystick Camera Control with variable speed Yes Yes Yes
USB Joystick Button Mapping Up to 12 Up to 30 Up to 30
Maximum Serial Port Cameras 12 24 28
Maximum Internal Camera Presets 9 32 255
Visual Preset Tiles with customizeable background image 9 18 32
Support of All Listed Sony VISCA, Canon, and Pelco Serial Port Protocols Yes Yes Yes
Maximum Connected and Switchable USB Joysticks 1 Up to 4 Up to 4
Joystick Button Mapping Profiles (Per Joystick) 1 4 4
Maximum External Presets stored in PTZJoy (per camera)* 32 255
Variable Camera Speed between Presets* Yes Yes
Camera Control with Keyboard Shortcuts Yes Yes
Camera Control from external programs using Macros and HTTP requests Yes Yes
Far-end camera control from any device with a web browser Yes Yes
Camera on-screen OSD Menu Access Yes Yes
Pan-Tilt-Zoom-Focus Speed Monitor Yes Yes
Automation with AutoPan and PresetScan Yes Yes
Automation with Task Scheduler Yes Yes
PresetVisualizer Mini Control Panel Yes Yes
Automation with Timeline Task Manager Yes
Automation with Camera Tracer Yes
Multi-Camera Direct Control Panel Yes
Multi-Joystick Individual Camera Control Yes