Rocosoft Joystick Control Software for TriCaster

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZJoy on TriCaster

Rocosoft offers a complete solution to connect and control  PTZ cameras from a Newtek Tricaster live-production system. Build your own professional PTZ Camera Control System at a fraction of the cost of other options out there, but with superior quality, unparalleled functionality, and simplicity.


Our Extendable Control Cables offer a simple way to connect remote PTZ cameras to your TriCaster, vMix, or other live-production system. We specialize in extending HD-SDI, component and composite video, VISCA and VISCA-over-IP control, and power signals over standard CAT network cables for single and multiple camera configurations. Whether your setup is simple or complex, we take the guess work out of it – no need for converters, USB adapters, or separate cable runs – all you need is one of our convenient cable sets. Shop PTZ Gear. 


The Rocosoft PTZJoy™ Controller Software is a professional PTZ camera management software that integrates onto a Newtek TriCaster system and adds advanced PTZ controls, powerful preset tools, and camera automation technology to your live-production system.

Our software allows you to connect any wired or wireless professional or gaming USB joystick to the TriCaster system and use it to control connected PTZ cameras instead of having to use NewTek's dedicated control panel. PTZJoy™ Controller adds professional PTZ control options and camera management tools that are significantly more extensive than those offered by TriCaster's internal PTZ control. 

Rocosoft PTZ Controller Software and Cables Complete Solution

The PTZJoy Controller works with all IP and all Serial Port Broadcasting PTZ cameras so, no matter what type of PTZ camera you decide to use for your live-production or broadcast, we have you covered. 

Please visit our Supported Hardware page for a comprehensive list of supported PTZ cameras manufacturers and models.

Meet our PTZJoy Controller with Automation Tools for Live Production

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZJoy Studio


Key Features

  • Organic Integration onto the TriCaster interface
  • Serial Port and IP Camera Control Software
  • Sony, Canon, Pelco, CGI and VISCA over IP, and UVC Protocol Support
  • Precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control
  • Control up to 28 Cameras from your live-production system
  • Convenient plug and play COM port setup
  • Supports any wired or wireless USB Joystick
  • Convenient virtual controls and keyboard shortcuts
  • Stores more that 500 internal and external presets per camera
  • Preset recall with instant Cut or Fade
  • Up to 12 Visualets™—Visual Preset Tiles
  • Stores up to 90 user profiles
  • Direct preset recall panel for one-click recall of most used presets on specific cameras
  • Far-end camera control from any device
  • Advanced video settings and adjustments
  • PTZPad™ Visual Preset Manager
  • Rocosoft Studio™ -Scheduling tools for camera automation 
  • Two versions to choose from: PRO, STUDIO

Add powerful Camera Management tools to your Production

Rocosoft USB Joysticks with TriCaster


Precise Camera Control Using Any Joystick

Ditch the expensive joystick control surfaces! Control the PTZ cameras connected to your TriCaster system using any wired or wireless professional or gaming joystick instead of with Newtek's dedicated control surfaces.

  • Custom Button Mapping for USB Joysticks with up to 30 Buttons
  • Three joystick performance modes available:

    X-Joystick-panning on X axis only
    Slow mode-limit top joystick speed
    Soft mode-gradual joystick speed acceleration


Rocosoft Visualets Visual Tiles

Advanced Preset Management 

  • Greatly simplify the logistics of preset switching during a live production or broadcast
  • Save and recall up to 510 internal and external presets per camera
  • Visual Preset and Camera View Tiles for fast preset recall


Rocosoft PTZPad™ Visual Control Panel A Whole New Level of Control

  • Create a custom graphic user interface with a visual layout of camera presets on a live video or static image background. This tool makes it so easy to see where your presets are and allows you to quickly jump to the preset you want with the click of a button.
  • Totally customizable, users can set seat positions, camera positions, add pictures to represent people, add custom room layouts, and designate presets to specific locations in the room.


Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools

Powerful Camera Automation Tools

  • Camera automation tools greatly simplify camera management allowing for a seamless production
  • The Event Scheduler tool is for creating playlists for predetermined control of PTZ camera(s) at specific
    time. Great for creating daily schedules for cameras.
  • The Group Task Manager sends commands to multiple cameras simultaneously and is for executing playlists with complex multi-camera movements that can be saved, recalled, and looped.
  • Broadcast commands to multiple cameras.
  • The Camera Tracer memorizes the trajectory of camera movements that can be saved, recalled, and looped.

Two Editions to choose from - Let's compare:


Rocosoft PTZJoy™ Controller Software for NewTek TriCaster Live Production systems comes in two editions: PTZJoy Pro, PTZJoy Studio. Our Controller Software is Universal and will allow you to control any Serial or IP Broadcasting camera, mix or match, from the same PTZJoy control panel.

PTZJoy Pro
PTZJoy Studio
Precise Pan/Tilt/Zoom/Focus Control
Plug and play COM port setup
Convenient virtual controls
USB Joystick Support, button mapping, & performance modes
Maximum VISCA Cameras
Maximum IP Cameras
Maximum Presets
255 internal presets
510 internal and external presets
Fast Recall Visual Preset Tiles
User Profiles
Keyboard Shortcuts and Macro Support
Camera Control Tools and Video Settings
Far-end camera control with WebRemote
Automation with Task Scheduler
Broadcast commands to multiple cameras
PTZPad™ Visual Panel
Automation with Timeline Task Manager
Automation with Camera Tracer
Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel