What We Do Rocosoft offers a comprehensive line of professional camera control software and hardware solutions for robotic PTZ camera control. Our mission is to provide our clients with professional, reliable, easy-to-use products that solve real-world problems and simplify any configuration. With software solutions for Sony, Canon, Panasonic, PTZOptics, Vaddio, Lumens, Datavideo, Elmo, HuddleCamHD, and Logitech UVC USB PTZ cameras, we strive to be the provider of choice for Precise PTZ Camera Control Software. PTZ Control Software designed for Any User Our line of PTZJoy™ Control Software Solutions provide users with a on-screen remote for controlling Robotic cameras directly from any PC, Newtek TriCaster, Livestream, vMix, Telestream Wirecast station with virtual controls, a wired or wireless USB joystick, PTZPad™, HotKeys or with any mobile device with a web browser connected to a Wi-fi, LAN, or WAN IP Network. Our software products eliminate the need for physical joystick controllers and provide users with the functionality, precision in camera control, and advanced professional features that are not available with any other hardware controller or software program on the market. Go the distance with our EasyPTZ™ Control Adapters and Extenders We take pride in creating unique hardware products, using the best components to connect distant PTZ cameras to a PC, TriCaster, Telemetrics Control Panel, Vaddio Control Panel, Sony RM-BR300/RM-IP10 Controller, and all live production studio systems. We specialize in extending HD-SDI, component and composite video, control, and power signals over standard CAT network cables. We understand camera control systems and the complexities of setting up a configuration in a working environment. Whatever the configuration is, we have a solution that will simplify it. We offer a variety of different products with options for single or multi-camera configurations. Let us help with your project With 30+ years of industry experience and knowledge, we are the experts on all aspects of Robotic camera control. We work with organizations across many industries including broadcasting and live-production, streaming, video-conferencing, healthcare, education, government, and non-profit sectors and our clients include small businesses, corporations, hospitals, churches, and colleges. Whatever your project is, let us help find the right solution for you. Contact us to talk with a specialist today. We offer precise VISCA and IP software with USB Joystick support and innovative Multi-Camera Visual Control Panels to manage Panasonic, Sony, Canon, Hitachi, Marshall, PTZOptics, Lumens and other Cameras over LAN, WAN, and Wi-Fi networks. We also offer UVC Camera Management Software to control and use Presets with most USB PTZ cameras, like PTZOptics, HuddlecamHD, Bolin, Lumens, and Aver. All versions of our software can be used as a API tool to add PTZ control to any external application using HTTP requests or Keyboard shortcuts. Our API tools allow TriCaster and vMix users to utilize external programmable keyboards, like X-keys and Launchpad as well as the internal TriCaster and vMix Macro commands.