Professional PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software

The Precision You Need, The Functionality You Want

Rocosoft PTZJoy Studio PTZ Controller Software
Seamless Integration with your Live-Production System
The perfect addition to your NewTek Tricaster, vMix, Wirecast, or LiveStream system

Add advanced PTZ camera control options, joystick support, powerful preset management tools, camera automation technology, and more to your production system

PTZ Camera Management Visualized

PTZLive Visual Preset Controller

A powerful preset management tool that gives you a bird's eye view visual representation of your camera presets with one click recall

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZPad On Tablet with Monitor and Bluetooth Joystick
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IP PTZ Camera Controller Software


Serial VISCA PTZ Camera Controller Software

VISCA Control Cable Sets


Who We Are

We offer a comprehensive line of professional PTZ camera joystick controller software and hardware solutions that integrate with the industry's top broadcasting PTZ cameras and equipment. Our mission is to provide our clients with professional, reliable, easy-to-use products that streamline workflow and simplify any configuration. Our software products eliminate the need for physical hardware camera controllers and provide users with a computer-based controller that offers the superior functionality, precision in camera control, and advanced camera control and automation features that are not available with any other hardware controller or software program on the market.

Our software supports Sony, Canon, Panasonic, Newtek, Hitachi, Aida, PTZOptics, Vaddio, Lumens, Telycam, Pelco, Marshall, Minnray, Datavideo, Elmo, HuddleCamHD, AJA, Bolin, Aver, and other broadcasting PTZ cameras, integrates with TriCaster, vMix, Panasonic, OBS, Livestream, and works with any professional or gaming joystick, xKeys, Stream Deck, Genovation, and other broadcasting equipment.

We strive to be the provider of choice for PTZ camera control and automation in your live-production setup.

PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software for IP or Serial PTZ Cameras

Rocosoft PTZJoy™ PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software is a professional camera management system that controls IP and Serial VISCA cameras from a PC, Tablet, TriCaster, vMix, Livestream, Wirecast, and other Live Production Systems. Works with Sony, Panasonic, NewTek, Canon, Hitachi, Marshall, Vaddio, PTZOptics, Lumens, Datavideo, Huddlecam, AJA, Bolin, Aver, Logitech, Pelco and all other Broadcasting IP and VISCA PTZ cameras.

This software replaces the limited functionality hardware joystick control surface with a more precise computer-based PTZ camera controller that works with any USB Joystick, has a precise virtual on-screen joystick, keyboard shortcuts, far-end camera control, multi-joystick support, OSD Camera Menu Control, Macro support, advanced preset management tools, visual control options, Multi-Camera Direct Control Panel, PTZLive Visual Preset Control Panel, camera automation tools, and more.

With three editions to choose from to fit your needs, our software was designed with precision, reliability, and functionality in mind.

See What Our Customers are Saying...

“Really enjoy using PTZJoy in our live show that going on every weekend. It’s much smoother than the built-in control in VMix with the Xbox controller!!!"

- Michel Lyna
{?!} Solutions Y’s !dea inc.

“This is amazing software! Very good purchase for us and everything is very cool. I'm learning a lot and the camera setup was VERY EASY. I've watched a couple of the ROCOSOFT YouTube videos to understand the functionality. I've watched the PTZOptics video that showcases the software too.”

- Anthony Ross
Palm Springs Adventist Church

"Current user and we love the software! Really helps me keep things user friendly for the volunteers at church. Thanks for providing it."
- Kevin Haddock

"Love the software by the way, it is EXACTLY what I was looking for and performs flawlessly!"

- Cecil Boneright
Central Baptist Church

"Over here still happy with PTZ Joy. Appropriate name for the software."
- Aleksandar Obradović
TSP Wave

"Thank you for your help! This is exactly what I needed."
- Lance Hart
WTAP Television

"I have used the software for a few years and really love it."
- Larry White

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Watch PTZJoy PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software in Action

Rocosoft Video Tutorial Series

Rocosoft PTZJoy Controller Introduction

Camera Automation with Timeline Task Manager Tool

How to Control PTZ Cameras with PTZJoy Controller

Macro Player - Controlling PTZ Cameras and TriCaster with Macros


How to Set and Recall Presets with PTZJoy Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller


PTZLive™ Visual Preset Control Panel

Preset switching just got easier. PTZLive Visual Preset Control Panel enables you to SEE exactly where your camera presets are.

  • Creates a visual camera preset layout for one click preset recall
  • Drag and Drop presets onto a static or live video background
  • Create preset layouts for multiple cameras
  • Perfect for working in complex video production environments

*Available in PRO and STUDIO Editions

Simplify Your Setup

Pair PTZ Camera Joystick Controller with our PTZ Camera Control Cable Sets that connect remote PTZ cameras to a PC, NewTek TriCaster, Livestream, vMix, Wirecast, Telemetrics Control Panel, or Sony RM-BR300/IP10 Controller for a complete solution to connect and control your PTZ Cameras.

We specialize in extending VISCA control, HD-SDI video, composite video, and power signals over CAT network cables up to 1000ft and offer multiplexers and CAT extenders that take the guess work out of setting up your PTZ cameras.

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Connect and Control Solutions