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Rocosoft PTZJoy Camera Joystick Controller Software Overview

Rocosoft PTZJoy™ Controller is a professional multi-camera controller for local and far-end management of professional Broadcasting PTZ cameras and offers precise and responsive camera controls and advanced functionality that is simply not available with any other hardware or software controller on the market.

Users can control cameras using multiple wired or wireless professional or gaming USB Joysticks with programmable buttons, on-screen Virtual Joystick, keyboard shortcuts, directional buttons, or from any device over the Internet. With powerful camera automation tools, visual preset buttons, and our innovative PTZPad™ Visual Control Switchboard for advanced preset management, camera operators can now do more with less and create stunning live broadcasts without the TV studio budget.

PTZJoy was created by a team of professionals to provide you with a powerful yet compact camera controller that unveils the true possibilities for robotic camera management.

A few features include:

  • Supports Sony VISCA, Canon, Pelco, CGI,and VISCA over IP Protocols
  • Integrates with TriCaster, vMix, Wirecast, and all other live production systems
  • Precise Camera Control using single or multiple USB Joysticks
  • Far-End PTZ Camera Control from any Mobile Device
  • Save and recall up to 510 presets per camera
  • Customizable preset buttons to visualize preset positions
  • Studio Quality Camera Automation and Scheduling Tools

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Control All Aspects of Your Cameras With Any USB Joystick

Ditch the limited functionality joystick control surfaces! With our software, you can turn any USB Joystick into a precise professional PTZ Camera Controller.

Or, use Multiple Joysticks - one per camera. It greatly simplifies working with multiple people.

Simply connect your USB joystick to your system, load our software, and Enjoy!

Rocosoft Add Precise Joystick Control to TriCaster vMix Wirecast

Easily Set and Call Presets

Forget about those preset lists and never worry about pressing the wrong button sequence on a complicated joystick controller during your live broadcast!

Our innovative PTZPad™ Visual Control Panel is an augmented reality controller that creates a visual camera preset layout for one-click preset recall that is perfect for working with complex video production environments.

It is a handy preset organizer that offers a simple yet streamlined preset management solution - so you can focus more on creating stunning live broadcasts than the logistics of preset switching.

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZPad with Monitor, Webcam, and CH Joystick