Your Camera Is Only As Good

As Your Controller

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Add advanced PTZ controls and automation to your Atem, Tricaster, vMix...
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Innovative PTZ Camera Control and Broadcasting Equipment Management

Our passion is to provide our customers with professional yet easy-to-use controllers where precision is a must.

With our visual controllers, you will forget the fear of failure of pressing the wrong button during a live event. Our visual preset recalling tools give you immediate visual access to your camera positions and preset locations.

We bring a new way of managing broadcast equipment and automating events at the corporate level where the limit is only your imagination.

See What Our Customers are Saying...

“Really enjoy using PTZJoy in our live show that going on every weekend. It’s much smoother than the built-in control in VMix with the Xbox controller!!!"

- Michel Lyna
{?!} Solutions Y’s !dea inc.


“This is amazing software! Very good purchase for us and everything is very cool. I'm learning a lot and the camera setup was VERY EASY. I've watched a couple of the ROCOSOFT YouTube videos to understand the functionality. I've watched the PTZOptics video that showcases the software too.”

- Anthony Ross
Palm Springs Adventist Church


"Current user and we love the software! Really helps me keep things user friendly for the volunteers at church. Thanks for providing it."
- Kevin Haddock


"Love the software by the way, it is EXACTLY what I was looking for and performs flawlessly!"

- Cecil Boneright
Central Baptist Church


"Over here still happy with PTZ Joy. Appropriate name for the software."
- Aleksandar Obradović
TSP Wave


"Thank you for your help! This is exactly what I needed."
- Lance Hart
WTAP Television


"I have used the software for a few years and really love it."
- Larry White

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