Controlling PTZ Cameras and vMix with Macros

In this video I demonstrate the Macro Manager Tool in Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software and show you how create Macros to automate control of your PTZ Cameras and vMix Live Production System. The Macro Manager in Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller software is a powerful automation tool that enables camera operators to automate and simplify their live production or broadcast. Create scripts of commands, or Macros, to control your PTZ Cameras and live production equipment such as vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Switchers, and other equipment that accept external http requests. Use the Macro Manager to create complex sequences and execute them using the Macro shortcut buttons in PTZJoy Controller with a single click of a button or a keypress on a joystick or computer keyboard. Read more about the Macro Manager Tool and see the different Macros you can create for your PTZ Cameras, TriCaster, and vMix here:
How to Set Up Macros to Control PTZ Cameras and Live Production Equipment

Controlling PTZ Cameras and vMix with Macros


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