[SNEAK PEAK] Rocosoft Macro Player – Control PTZ Cameras and vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Live Production Switchers

Here's a sneak peak of the Rocosoft Macro Player, our newest camera automation feature that will be available in our new version release of PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software coming soon.

Single camera operators will now be able to create some really dynamic productions and simplify their workflow with this awesome new tool.

Rocosoft Macro Player allows you to create scripts of commands, called Macros, and then use the Macro shortcut buttons in PTZJoy to execute complex sequences of actions with a single click of a button in PTZJoy or a keypress on a joystick or computer keyboard.

PTZJoy Macro Player has robust library of commands for nearly all PTZ Camera functions, as well as the ability to control any live production equipment that responds to HTTP and VISCA commands directly from PTZJoy Software. That means you will be able to control your live production and live streaming switchers such vMix, NewTek TriCaster, and Panasonic Switcher, run scripts, and send out custom HTTP requests and VISCA commands.

The possibilities of Rocosoft Software are endless.

In this video, we demonstrate how the Macro Player works and show some examples of Macros that we created to control our PTZ cameras along with our NewTek TriCaster in our studio.


Stay tuned for more info about the release of Rocosoft PTZJoy Controller Version 8!

Working with Presets

How To Set Up and Recall PTZ Camera Presets

Working with PTZ Camera Presets in PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software offers many preset management tools to set and recall PTZ camera presets and help simplify your workflow during your video production or live broadcast.

In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to manage your camera presets and the different options you have for setting and recalling presets.



Manage your camera's presets from the Preset Tiles Panel, that let's you set up your most used presets with a visual tile and recall with the click of a button. If working with many presets, use the Preset Dialer to set and recall up to 510 presets.

With PTZJoy, you are not limited to the camera's internal preset limits - use external presets that are saved in the PTZJoy program to increase the amount of presets you can store and also manage the speed at which the camera moves during transitions between presets.

Manage your camera's and presets simultaneously using the Multi-Camera Direct Control Panel. With this tool, there is no need to switch between cameras to manage them, you have all your cam and preset views in one location for one click recall.

Use the PTZLive Preset Control Panel for preset recall using an innovative birds eye view visual layout of your camera's presets. Drag and drop your presets on a static or live video background, and recall with one click.

We also go over preset recall using a USB joystick, as well as using key board hotkeys on your computer keyboard.

How to Control PTZ Cameras with Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras

Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software offers a variety of precise control options to control PTZ Cameras.

In this video, we discuss the different camera control options available in Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software and demonstrate how to control cameras with our precise virtual joystick, keyboard hotkeys, with a trackball mouse, or with any connected USB joystick controller.



With PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller, you don't need anything else to control your PTZ Cameras. Our Virtual Joystick Controller mimics a real joystick and offers precise pan/tilt/zoom controls with variable speed.

PTZJoy also has key board shortcuts programmed into the app, so you can actually control your cameras using your computer keyboard. Control pan and tilt movement, zoom in and out, switch between cameras, switch between presets, and more.

Use PTZBall Mode to control PTZ cameras using a laptop touchpad, trackball mouse, or simply using the movement of any regular mouse. In the video, we demonstrate how convenient it is to use a trackball mouse for PTZ camera control.

If you like the feel of a hardware joystick, you can connect ANY wired USB Joystick, wireless Bluetooth joystick, or gaming controller and use it as a PTZ Camera Controller. With simultaneous pan/tilt/zoom, 3 joystick performance modes, and custom button mapping, the result smooth and reliable camera control.

Video Links:

Keyboard Hotkeys Diagram: https://www.rocosoft.com/knowledge-base/controlling-cameras/keyboard-hotkeys/

Joystick Button Mapping: https://www.rocosoft.com/knowledge-base/usb-joysticks/customizing-joystick-buttons/

Rocosoft PTZJoy Multi-Cam Control Panel

How to use the Direct Camera Control panel

What is the Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel?

The Multi-Cam Direct Control panel is a panel that shows you an overview of four cameras. Each block is assigned a port and a camera (both of which you choose), and also includes the ability to manage up to 9 presets and to control your cameras with simple directional buttons.
This tool makes it exceedingly easy to manage 4 of your cameras quickly and easily - independent of the main PTZJoy interface.

Rocosoft PTZJoy Multi-Cam Control Panel

How to Use the Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel

  1. From the main PTZJoy panel, click on the "Multi-Joy" button located towards the bottom of the interface.
  2. Once the Multi-Cam Direct Control panel is open, in each block configure which port and camera you'd like that block to use from the pictured Drop-Down menus.
  3. Once the block has an assigned camera, click any preset to call it. You can fine-tune each preset by clicking which preset you'd like to set, moving the camera into position, and clicking "Set".
Direct Control Panel location

Step 1 Image

PTZJoy Multi-Cam Direct Control 2

Steps 2 Image

Some notes about the Direct Control Panel

  • Each camera block can be assigned a different camera - so you can assign camera 1 to block 1, camera 3 to block 2, camera 2 to block 3, etc.
  • Any Visualets ("What's a Visualet?") you make for a camera will transfer to the Direct Camera control panel. So, if your Camera 1's preset 3 has a picture assigned to it, that picture will replace the Preset 3 box in the corresponding Direct Control camera block.
  • The Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel is only available in PTZJoy Studio.
  • There are directional buttons in every camera block, so every camera can be quickly controlled.
  • You do not need to switch between different cameras in PTZJoy - everything is seamless.
  • PTZJoy can be minimized to save space while using the Multi-Cam Direct Control panel.
  • You can collapse the panel by clicking the title at the top.



Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software Editions

The perfect starting place for PTZ Camera Control
Precise camera control + advanced preset management tools
Complete Camera Automation and Control Studio
Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools-Tracer and Task Manager

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZ Camera Automation - How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZJoy Controller's Task Scheduler is a powerful camera automation tool that lets users create play lists for pre-determined control of your camera(s). Use this feature to create schedules for your cameras to run presets, move in a specific direction at a specific speed, turn on and off, and execute other specific commands.

Commands available for scheduling:

  • Presets
  • Directional movements with variable speeds – Left, Right, Up, Down, Up-Left, Up-Right, Down-Left, Down-Right
  • Zoom In and Out with variable speeds
  • Power On/Off
  • Backlight On/Off
  • White Balance On/Off
  • Manual Focus
  • Auto Focus
  • Night Mode On/Off
  • Camera Freeze On/Off
  • Video Mute On/Off
  • Negative Image On/Off
  • B/W Image On/Off
PTZJoy Automation Task Scheduler


  1. Open the Timeline Task Scheduler by clicking the Timeline button towards the bottom of the PTZJoy interface.
  2. Input the time you want this event to occur.
  3. Select the port and the camera you wish to create an event for from the drop down menus.
  4. Select the desired command from the drop down menu.
  5. Click Add to Playlist.
  6. Repeat for as many events you want to add to your playlist and click Save Playlist.
  7. Click on Open Playlist to run your saved playlist and click on the Play button to start playing the playlist.

You can edit events on any playlist and add and delete playlists.

PTZJoy Control Software

This blog is in relation to our PTZJoy Camera Controller Software. We designed PTZJoy with one idea in mind: to simplify PTZ control without sacrificing power. PTZJoy simplifies every aspect of managing your PTZ cameras, while also bringing a host of powerful features to your fingertips.
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