Customize Pan, Tilt, AND Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

One of our most Frequently Asked Questions and one of the biggest issues in live streaming is "How do I switch from one camera preset to another without it looking “jumpy”? We get this question a lot so I wanted to write a post in hopes of helping some of you looking for a solution to this during your live broadcast.

A lot of times, camera operators either switch to a different camera’s shot all together while switching the other camera’s preset, or use a still image transition or short video transition using their live streaming software to mask the switch between various camera presets. However, with the right tools, this can be so simple to do.

Customize Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller allows camera operators to configure the pan, tilt, AND zoom camera speed between presets transitions using a simple speed slider.

PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller makes it so much easier to get the speed settings just right for switching between various camera shots using the InApp (External) Presets with variable control of pan, tilt, AND now zoom camera speed between presets.

Setting up and saving presets in the PTZJoy application with the in InApp preset buttons allows camera operators to configure the speed of the pan, tilt, AND zoom movements between presets using a simple speed slider. You can slow it down for smoother and slower transitions while switching between presets for a “flying” camera effect – or speed things up for a fast cut effect.


Many of our clients find it helpful to set up both InCam (Internal) and InApp (External) presets simultaneously and have each preset be the same for both modes so that if there is ever a case where a camera operator does not have the InApp preset button selected during a live broadcast, the presets will still switch when selected.

Another useful tip if switching presets with a USB Joystick, you can program the joystick buttons to switch between the InApp presets with desired speed controls. Just make sure you have all your speed settings pre-configured for each preset and then set up the Joystick Buttons in the settings panel of PTZJoy Controller.

I talk about and show examples of InCam and InApp presets and changing PTZ speed between preset transitions in the video below around the 4:40 time marker. Feel free to watch the whole video for more info on working with presets and the various option you have using PTZJoy Controller.


Enjoy PTZJoy!

- Staci and the Rocosoft Team


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