Setting and recalling PTZ camera presets using Visual Preset Tiles

Easily set and recall your camera preset positions using the PTZJoy's visual preset tiles or Visualets. This tool makes preset recall even easier by allowing users to set up their most used presets as a visual button for fast recall.

  1. Click on a specific Visualet. Move your camera in desired position, and click Set.
  2. Double click on a Visualet to replace the image. Any .JPG file can be used. It can be created using our USB Video monitor (if available) or can be copied from any external device. We also provide a Snipping tool to crop an image off the screen and save it as a .jpg file. Use the Snip button for this task.
  3. Repeat for all available Visualets.
  4. To recall a preset, click on its Visualet.
  5. The Visualet images are saved per port and per camera so, when using multiple cameras, the Visualets will update with saved images every time the active camera is changed.
  6. To clear all Visualet images for a specific camera click the Clear button in the Settings panel.
Rocosoft Visualets - Visual Preset Tiles

Want to control your PTZ Cameras?

PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software is a professional camera management software for controlling Serial and IP cameras from a PC, Tablet, TriCaster, vMix, Livestream, Wirecast, and other Live Production Systems.

PTZ Controller replaces the limited functionality hardware joystick control surface with a more precise computer-based controller that works with any USB Joystick, has a precise virtual on-screen joystick, keyboard shortcuts, far-end camera control, multi-joystick support, OSD Camera Menu Control, advanced preset management tools, visual control options, multi-camera preset control panel, camera automation features, and more.

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