Rocosoft PTZ Controller Software Update Version 10

PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software Update Version 10

Time to get excited.....We have been getting some high demand requests from our clients and when you ask, we deliver! We have been making tons of performance improvements to the current software and adding some really exciting new functionality.

Here’s what to look forward to:

  • New two layer NumberPad Hotkeys - now you can use the Number Pad on your keyboard as a PTZ Controller and switcher
  • Cut/Fade Preset Speed selection button and the ability to adjust speed of pan, tilt, and zoom during preset transitions directly from the main panel slider
  • Addition of Camera Name field and Active Camera border
  • Now software includes library of premade graphics and labels for Preset and Camera Tiles - if you want to make your own, we added support for .bmp, .png, .gif, and .jpg file formats
  • Bigger Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel with camera selection lock feature
  • Pro/Game Selection buttons for joystick button mapping - now you can use a gaming joystick handle or the 4th axis Rudder for Zoom Control
  • Added mapping of Hat buttons on  gaming joysticks, ability to map 36 buttons, and option to lock joystick button mapping changes
  • Separate, easy to use Macro Sets Panel - no more toggling between preset and macros on the same screen

And last but not least....

We are super excited to launch the newest feature that will give you true Far-End Camera Control! Yes, you read that correctly....the FarCam feature in our software will allow two instances of PTZJoy Controller to "communicate" with each other, allowing for far-end camera control from ANYWHERE. Do everything you do with your local PTZJoy Controller, but REMOTELY - like control far-end cameras with a USB joystick or control your far-end live production equipment with macros.

This is something that has been in the works for some time and we can't wait to share this with our clients!

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