How to Set Up Macros with Macro Manager

How to Set Up Macros to Control PTZ Cameras and Live Production Equipment with Rocosoft Macro Manager

This article explains how to set up Macros using PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software. With the Macro Manager, you can create scripts of commands, called Macros, and use the Macro buttons in PTZJoy to execute complex sequences of actions with a single click of a button, or a keypress on a joystick or computer keyboard.

  • Macro Buttons to control vMix, TriCaster, and Panasonic switchers and PTZ Cameras
  • A robust library of commands for nearly all PTZ Camera functions, as well as the ability to control any live production equipment that responds to HTTP and VISCA commands directly from PTZJoy Software
  • Run Macros using joystick buttons, WebRemote, PTZLive Visual Control Panel, Timeline Player, and external applications using API
  • Macro Manager adds possibility to execute individual custom commands, run scripts, load programs, send HTTP requests, run HEX commands, etc.
Rocosoft Macro Manager - Create Macros to Control PTZ Cameras, vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Switchers


Tutorial Videos

Watch the Macro Manager in Action

Control PTZ Cameras and vMix w/ Macros

Control PTZ Cameras and TriCaster w/ Macros


How to Create a Macro Shortcut

  1. Click on the Macros button on PTZJoy interface to activate the Macro Shortcut buttons.macrosbutton
  2. The Macro Shortcut Buttons are now active and ready to configure and use.
    Macro Sets - Macro Shortcut Buttons
  3. Right Click on desired Macro shortcut button to open up the Macro Manager for that specific Macro.
    Macro Manager Sample Macro script to control PTZ Cameras and vMix

    Sample Macro script to control PTZ Cameras and vMix


  4. Shown above is a sample Macro Set. Each line in the Macro Manager represents a command, for up to 9 commands per Macro Set. To create a Macro Set, input your desired sequence of commands in the fields, set the delay time for each command in the second column of the manger, and click Save.
  5. You can execute each specific command by clicking on the number buttons on the left, great for testing the script or to have a panel for separate utility custom commands.
  6. Once you are done creating your Macro Set, you can exit the Macro Manager and execute the Macro Script by clicking on the Macro Button from the PTZJoy interface.

Opening Macro Manager in full Mode for Sample Scripts and Monitoring Options

Click on the MacroManager heading at the top to open up the different elements of the Macro Manager. Click the heading once, and a panel will open where you can see and configure the IP settings of your equipment and some sample scripts for PTZJoy Commands, TriCaster, vMix, and other custom commands. Click the heading twice, and another panel will open where you can monitor the log of scripts that you run, as well as select to Monitor the preview and active cameras in your live production system and block the live camera from being moved.

Other Ways to Run Macros

You can also run your Macros using joystick buttons, WebRemote, PTZLive Visual Control Panel, Timeline Task Manager, and external applications using API.

To run macros using a joystick button shortcut, simply assign one of the buttons on your joystick controller to run macro commands. (Read More)

To run macros using Timeline Task Manager, simply add the desired Macro shortcut(s) as an event to play on your timeline. (Read More)

To run macros using PTZLive Visual Control Panel, simply click on the Macros button in the top right corner to activate the macro shortcuts on the panel. Your Macro shortcut buttons will appear on the screen and you simply click on the desired Macro to run it.

To run macros using the WebRemote far end controller, simply load the controller on your mobile device and run macros using the macro shortcut buttons on the WebRemote. (Read More)

Rocosoft PTZJoy Macro Function Commands List

PTZJoy has robust library of commands for many PTZ Camera functions. Use our simple syntax to write a script:

Camera Movement Commands:

Port Management Commands:

Camera Number Management Commands:

Preset Management Commands:
PJ/PTZJoy=Preset1 - PJ/PTZJoy=Preset32 - Preset Call.
PJ/PTZJoy=IntPresets - Switch to Internal Presets.
PJ/PTZJoy=ExtPresets - Switch to External Presets.
PJ/PTZJoy=SetPreset - Save current Preset.
PJ/PTZJoy=SetIntPreset=1 - PJ/PTZJoy=SetIntPreset=32 - Specific Internal Preset Set.
PJ/PTZJoy=SetExtPreset=1 - PJ/PTZJoy=SetExtPreset=32 - Specific External Preset Set.

Utility Commands:

Macro Management Commands:
PJ/PTZJoy=RunMacro1 - PJ/PTZJoy=RunMacro16 - Load Macros.

Extra advanced commands:

Direct Preset Management Commands:
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPresetCall=Port=1_Cam=1_IntPreset=1 - PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPresetCall=Port=1_Cam=1_IntPreset=32 (Call Internal Camera Preset)
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPresetCall=Port=1_Cam=1_ExtPreset=1 - PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPresetCall=Port=1_Cam=1_ExtPreset=32 (Call External InPTZJoy Preset)

Direct Camera Movement Commands:
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTMove=P=1_T=1 From PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTMove=P=-24_T=-18 To PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTMove=P=24_T=18
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectZMove=Z=1 From PJ/PTZJoy=DirectZMove=Z=-8 To PJ/PTZJoy=DirectZMove=Z=8
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTZMove=P=1_T=1_Z=1 From PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTZMove=P=-24_T=-18_Z=1 To PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTZMove=P=24_T=18_Z=8
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTMove=P=0_T=0 Pan/Tilt Stop
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectZMove=Z=0 Zoom Stop
PJ/PTZJoy=DirectPTZMove=P=0_T=0_Z=0 Pan/Tilt/Zoom Stop

PTZ Camera and Live Production System Monitoring:
PJ/PTZJoy=ActivePTZJoyCamNum? - Returns the number of active camera in PTZJoy
PJ/PTZJoy=ActiveProgramVmixCamNum? - Returns the number of active input in vMix Program window
PJ/PTZJoy=ActivePreviewVmixCamNum? - Returns the number of active input in vMix Preview window
PJ/PTZJoy=ActiveProgramTricCamNum? - Returns the number of active input in TriCaster Program window
PJ/PTZJoy=ActivePreviewTricCamNum? -Returns the number of active input in TriCaster Preview window

NewTek TriCaster Macro Function Commands List

Use NewTek's Function Command List to create scripts for Macros in PTZJoy Macro Manager to control your TriCaster Live Production System. Use our simple syntax to write a script: TC/function.

Here's a link the NewTek's Automation and Integration Guide where they list their function command list.

vMix Macro Function Commands List

Use vMix's Function Command List to create scripts for Macros in PTZJoy Macro Manager to control your vMix Live Production System. Use our simple syntax to write a script: VM/function.

Here's a link the vMix Function Reference Guide where they list their function command list.


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