How to Control PTZ Cameras with Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras

Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software offers a variety of precise control options to control PTZ Cameras.

In this video, we discuss the different camera control options available in Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software and demonstrate how to control cameras with our precise virtual joystick, keyboard hotkeys, with a trackball mouse, or with any connected USB joystick controller.



With PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller, you don't need anything else to control your PTZ Cameras. Our Virtual Joystick Controller mimics a real joystick and offers precise pan/tilt/zoom controls with variable speed.

PTZJoy also has key board shortcuts programmed into the app, so you can actually control your cameras using your computer keyboard. Control pan and tilt movement, zoom in and out, switch between cameras, switch between presets, and more.

Use PTZBall Mode to control PTZ cameras using a laptop touchpad, trackball mouse, or simply using the movement of any regular mouse. In the video, we demonstrate how convenient it is to use a trackball mouse for PTZ camera control.

If you like the feel of a hardware joystick, you can connect ANY wired USB Joystick, wireless Bluetooth joystick, or gaming controller and use it as a PTZ Camera Controller. With simultaneous pan/tilt/zoom, 3 joystick performance modes, and custom button mapping, the result smooth and reliable camera control.

Video Links:

Keyboard Hotkeys Diagram:

Joystick Button Mapping:

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools-Tracer and Task Manager

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZ Camera Automation - How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZJoy Controller's Task Scheduler is a powerful camera automation tool that lets users create play lists for pre-determined control of your camera(s). Use this feature to create schedules for your cameras to run presets, move in a specific direction at a specific speed, turn on and off, and execute other specific commands.

Commands available for scheduling:

  • Presets
  • Directional movements with variable speeds – Left, Right, Up, Down, Up-Left, Up-Right, Down-Left, Down-Right
  • Zoom In and Out with variable speeds
  • Power On/Off
  • Backlight On/Off
  • White Balance On/Off
  • Manual Focus
  • Auto Focus
  • Night Mode On/Off
  • Camera Freeze On/Off
  • Video Mute On/Off
  • Negative Image On/Off
  • B/W Image On/Off
PTZJoy Automation Task Scheduler


  1. Open the Timeline Task Scheduler by clicking the Timeline button towards the bottom of the PTZJoy interface.
  2. Input the time you want this event to occur.
  3. Select the port and the camera you wish to create an event for from the drop down menus.
  4. Select the desired command from the drop down menu.
  5. Click Add to Playlist.
  6. Repeat for as many events you want to add to your playlist and click Save Playlist.
  7. Click on Open Playlist to run your saved playlist and click on the Play button to start playing the playlist.

You can edit events on any playlist and add and delete playlists.

PTZJoy Control Software

This blog is in relation to our PTZJoy Camera Controller Software. We designed PTZJoy with one idea in mind: to simplify PTZ control without sacrificing power. PTZJoy simplifies every aspect of managing your PTZ cameras, while also bringing a host of powerful features to your fingertips.
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