Additional Camera Control Settings

PTZ Camera Controller has a lot of built-in camera control settings that can be configured directly from the program.

  • Minimize to Taskbar: Minimizes program to taskbar for quick access
  • Start with Windows: Configure program to automatically start with Windows Startup.

1)      Click on the Start with Windows button in the Settings Panel to activate this feature

2)      Restart the computer.

3)      The program should start with Windows automatically.

If it does not start automatically, right click on the RocosoftPTZJoyController.exe program loader file in the program directory and select “Run as Administrator”. Click on the “Start with Windows” button in the Settings Panel again, close the program, and restart your computer.

  • Pan, Tilt, Zoom Flip: The P-FlipT-Flip and Z-Flip buttons inverse the Pan, Tilt, and Zoom directions of a selected camera.
  • Camera ON/OFF: Turns selected camera ON or OFF
  • Camera Initiation: Allows you to add or remove cameras in a Daisy Chain connection without restarting all cameras.
  • Block Daisy Cams: Blocks daisy chain camera switching when in home run mode.




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