Adjusting Video Settings

Video Settings

PTZ Controller Software has many built-in video control settings to further manage your PTZ Cameras. You can access these directly from the controller's interface and adjust them with the click of a button.


PTZJoy Camera Settings
  • Wiper: ON/OFF
  • Tally Light: ON/OFF
  • Image Flip: ON/OFF
  • Video Mute: ON/OFF
  • Negative Image: ON/OFF
  • Black/White Image: ON/OFF
  • Mirror Image: ON/OFF
  • Image Freeze: ON/OFF
  • Backlight: Backlight Compensation
  • White Balance Settings: Auto Mode, Indoor Mode, Outdoor Mode.
  • Exposure Control Settings: Auto, Iris, Shutter, and Gain. Manually adjust settings with slider bars.
  • OSD Menu: Opens the camera’s onscreen display menu for additional controls


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