Using PTZ Camera Controller on NewTek TriCaster

PTZ Camera Controller integrates directly onto TriCaster Interface

Rocosoft PTZ Controller PTZJoy on TriCaster

PTZ Camera Controller software integrates into the NewTek TriCaster interface and adds advanced PTZ controls, powerful preset tools, and camera automation technology to your production system.

PTZ Camera Controller becomes part of your TriCaster system and provides you with professional PTZ control options and camera management tools and functionality that are significantly more extensive than those offered by the system's internal PTZ control settings.

Once you install PTZ Camera Controller onto your TriCaster, it will load onto the TriCaster interface every time you start it. It can be moved anywhere you want on the TriCaster interface or pinged to a specific spot.

Supported NewTek TriCaster Production Systems:

  • TriCaster Mini
  • TriCaster TC1
  • TriCaster 40
  • Tricaster 410
  • TriCaster 455
  • Tricaster 460
  • TriCaster 855
  • Tricaster 860
  • TriCaster 8000
  • TriCaster TCXD300



Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software Editions

The perfect starting place for PTZ Camera Control
Precise camera control + advanced preset management tools
Complete Camera Automation and Control Studio