Joystick Performance Modes


PTZ Camera Controller Software has 3 joystick performance modes available that come in handy when broadcasting, live streaming, or recording with your PTZ Cameras.


  • This mode allows for slower, more precise movements of the camera while using the Virtual or USB joystick. This mode limits top joystick speed by expanding joystick travel between speed level changes. This is great for when you want precision of control and to move the camera at a slower speed range since it eliminates any quick speed ups in movement. Click on the Slow Mode button to switch to Slow Joystick Mode. There are three Slow modes available that you can cycle through.


  • This mode allows for gradual speed acceleration of the camera while using the Virtual or USB joystick.This mode increases the speed of camera movement steadily as you move the joystick for a flying camera effect. Click on the Soft Mode button to switch to Soft Joystick Mode.


  • This mode limits camera movements to the X-axis only while using the Virtual or USB joystick. This is great for camera shots where you want a smooth, even pan from left to right. Click on the PanOnly button to switch to Pan Only Joystick Mode.


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