Customize Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

Customize Pan Tilt AND Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

Customize Pan, Tilt, AND Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets One of our most Frequently Asked Questions and one of the biggest issues in live streaming is “How do I switch from one camera preset to another without it looking “jumpy”? We get this question a lot so I wanted to write a post in hopes of helping some of you looking for a solution to this during your live broadcast. A lot of times, camera operators either switch to a different camera’s shot all together while switching the other camera’s preset, or use a still image transition or short video transition using their live streaming software to mask the switch between various camera presets. However, with the right tools, this can be so simple to do. PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller makes it so much easier to get the speed settings just right for switching between various camera shots using the InApp (External) Presets with variable control of pan, tilt, AND now zoom camera speed between presets. Setting up and saving presets in the PTZJoy application with the in InApp preset buttons allows camera operators to configure the speed of the pan, tilt, AND zoom movements between presets using a simple […] Read More

Control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller Turn an Xbox 360 gaming controller into a precise PTZ Camera Joystick Controller. Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller software allows you to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your computer or live production system and use it to control your PTZ Cameras. Easily assign each button and lever on the Xbox 360 controller to execute specific commands and control your PTZ cameras. Pan, Tilt, Zoom, call presets, switch cameras, run macros, and more. Customize Each Button or Lever Any Way You Like PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller has a Joystick Button Setup panel where you can select each button’s command from the drop down menu. Here’s an example of a button mapping setup to control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller: Read More

How to Control PTZ Cameras with Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software offers a variety of precise control options to control PTZ Cameras. In this video, we discuss the different camera control options available in Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software and demonstrate how to control cameras with our precise virtual joystick, keyboard hotkeys, with a trackball mouse, or with any connected USB joystick controller.     Read More

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software Version 8 Release is Coming Soon

New Features and Functionality with PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Version 8! You asked and we listened! We have been compiling a list of feature requests from our clients and will be releasing Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Version 8 in the coming weeks. We are making performance improvements to the current software features and adding some really exciting new functionality. Here’s what to look forward to: Macros to control vMix, TriCaster, and Panasonic switchers and PTZ Cameras. Added possibility to execute individual custom commands, run scripts, load programs, send HTTP requests, etc. Use a Serial Joystick Controller like Sony RM-BR300 Joystick or Telemetrics Joystick controller to control IP Cameras Multi-Camera Direct Control Panel being added to PRO Edition Joystick Button Mapping supports joysticks with up to 30 buttons 4 Joystick Button Mapping Profiles – set up to 4 different configurations (profiles) of button shortcuts on your joystick Support for multiple simultaneously connected USB or Bluetooth joysticks – have multiple joysticks connected and each joystick is assigned a camera to control Multi-Joystick individual camera control – connect multiple joysticks and use them to control individual cameras, any joystick can control any camera Three levels of Soft Joystick Mode Support for Tricaster TC1 […] Read More
Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools-Tracer and Task Manager

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule PTZJoy Controller’s Task Scheduler is a powerful camera automation tool that lets users create play lists for pre-determined control of your camera(s). Use this feature to create schedules for your cameras to run presets, move in a specific direction at a specific speed, turn on and off, and execute other specific commands. Commands available for scheduling: Presets Directional movements with variable speeds – Left, Right, Up, Down, Up-Left, Up-Right, Down-Left, Down-Right Zoom In and Out with variable speeds Power On/Off Backlight On/Off White Balance On/Off Manual Focus Auto Focus Night Mode On/Off Camera Freeze On/Off Video Mute On/Off Negative Image On/Off B/W Image On/Off Read More
PTZ Controller TriCaster vMix Wirecast Rocosoft Software Integration

Controlling PTZ Cameras with a USB, Bluetooth, or Gaming Joystick

Turn ANY Joystick into a PTZ Joystick Camera Controller   Instead of getting a costly dedicated joystick control surface, you can use our software to turn a budget-friendly joystick into a precise professional PTZ Joystick Camera Controller. Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software lets you connect ANY wired USB joystick, wireless Bluetooth joystick, or gaming joystick to your computer or live production system and use it to control your PTZ cameras. Control your PTZ Cameras with simultaneous pan, tilt, zoom control as well as variable speed control with the connected joystick, a feature not usually available with many PTZ joystick controller surfaces on the market. Joystick Performance Modes There are also 3 joystick performance modes available that come in handy when broadcasting, live streaming, or recording with your PTZ Cameras. X-Joystick Mode – Enables panning on X axis only. This is great for camera shots where you want a smooth, even pan from left to right. Slow mode – Limits top joystick speed by expanding joystick travel between speed level changes. This is great for when you precision of control and to move the camera at a slower speed range. This mode eliminates any quick speed ups in movement. Soft mode- […] Read More