Far-End PTZ Camera Control with USB Joystick

Far-End PTZ Camera Control with a USB Joystick

The FarCam feature allows two instances of PTZJoy Controller to "communicate" with each other, allowing for far-end PTZ camera control from ANYWHERE. You can connect your local PTZJoy Controller to a remote PTZJoy Controller and precisely control your remote cameras and studio equipment.

Far-End PTZ Camera Control with USB Joystick

On the Remote Side:

Let's say, you have PTZJoy on a remote computer and all the cameras are connected and are controllable with the software on that computer. Click on the WebControl button to activate our API tool and allow for external control.

On a Local Machine:

    1. Install PTZJoy on your local machine, open the Settings panel, and change the protocol to Rocosoft FarCam for Cam1.
    2. Put the IP address of your remote computer in the Cam1 IP field and click Set.
    3. You can now control your Cam1 on remote computer from your local machine. Repeat for each camera and enjoy!

*To control your cameras from anywhere, route your remote computer IP to its external IP or use DMZ mode in your router.

Far-End Camera Control with USB Joystick:

Once you have far end PTZ camera control from your local machine, you can also connect any professional or gaming USB joystick, including an Xbox Controller, and control your remote cameras.

  1. Simply connect your joystick and click on the USBJoy button to activate your joystick.
  2. You can read more about how to calibrate your joystick, customize joystick buttons, joystick performance modes, and more here: https://www.rocosoft.com/knowledge-base/usb-joysticks/

More than just Pan, Tilt, Zoom

Not only can you control your cameras remotely with a joystick, you can do everything that you normally with your remote PTZ Controller, but locally. That means that you can use the keyboard hotkeys, call on presets, adjust camera's video settings, and use any advanced software features included in your purchased software version such as Macros, Multi-Cam Direct Control, PTZPad Preset Visualizer, Camera Tracer, Timeline Task Scheduler, and more.


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