PTZ Camera Control using PTZBall Joystick Mode

PTZBall Mode allows you to control PTZ camera using a laptop touchpad, trackball mouse, or simply using the movement of any regular mouse. By simply pressing a designated computer keyboard button, your mouse, laptop touchpad, or trackball mouse becomes a PTZ joystick controller. This feature is ideal for controlling your cameras from a laptop computer in a video conferencing environment, eliminating the need for any additional equipment such as bulky joystick controllers.

  1. Activate this feature by clicking on the “PTZBall button in the application.
  2. On your computer keyboard, press and hold left “ALT” button to pan/tilt and the “Z” button to zoom with your mouse, laptop touch pad, or trackball mouse. Whatever direction you move your mouse, your finger on a touchpad, or the ball in a trackball mouse, is the direction your camera will move. Don’t click any buttons on the mouse. Release the keyboard button to stop the movement. Press the button “S” is for emergency  Stop.



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