PTZ Camera Control with Keyboard Hotkeys

Use Keyboard Hotkeys to Control PTZ Cameras

ptz camera control with keyboard hotkeys

Control pan/tilt/zoom/focus/iris functions, change speed settings, call on presets, and switch cameras using pre-assigned shortcuts or “hotkeys” on any standard keyboard. The diagram above shows the preassigned shortcuts available.

  • Pressing Ctrl+1, Ctrl2, Ctrl+3, or Ctrl+4, or Ctrl+5 button combination allows to switch between active Port Numbers
  • Pressing Ctrl+J button combination will Set Current Preset.
  • Pressing Ctrl+~ button combination is to recall Home position.
  • Button “M” is for Manual Focus
  • Keyboard control speed can be changed by pressing buttons “-“ or “+”

*** Clicking on any text field in the PTZJoy required to activate directional arrows with some computers.

****Short tap on the directional buttons starts permanent camera movement until the button tapped again. Pressing and holding down any directional button will start camera movement in that direction until the button is released.




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