How to Set and Recall Presets using Preset Buttons

PTZ Camera Controller allows users to easily set and recall preset positions for multiple PTZ cameras. You can configure up to 510 internal and external presets per camera* and recall them with the click of a button.

Calling a preset

How to Set and Recall Presets

  1. Use the preset selection buttons in the Preset Setup section to select the preset number you wish to set up for the selected camera. Click the Call button.
  2. Move your camera in the desired position, type the desired name for the preset in the preset name window, and click Save.
  3. Repeat for up to 510 presets*
  4. To recall a preset, use the preset selection buttons to select preset number and click Call. The current preset number and name will appear on the screen.
  5. If using USB Joystick to select presets, the current preset number and name will also appear on the screen.

*depends on how many presets your camera can store and the version of PTZJoy Controller Software you have.

Working with External Presets

With Internal Camera Presets, the camera itself stores the preset positions. We just send a command to recall a specific preset number.

With External Camera Presets, we store camera position coordinates in our software. It’s a process that requires a perfect two-way communication between the cameras and the controlling computer.

Click on the "Int"-"Ext" text field to switch between Internal and External camera presets.

External presets will give you an option to change the pan/tilt speed between presets. The Fade Speed slider is in the Tools Panel.

Important for Serial Port Cameras:

The External Presets Feature will only work if your VISCA Control Cable is wired correctly for the two-way communication.

Check your cable with our VISCA PTZ Tester Software. Your system works if you see a clear response (example: 90 41 FF 90 51 FF) from the camera after each command.

Only one program can be connected to a specific COM Port at a given time as well as only one computer or one hardware joystick controller can be connected to a single VISCA camera or to the Daisy Chain of the cameras on a specific COM Port at a given time.  Please Exit PTZJoy before starting VISCA Tester Software. Exit Tester Software before starting PTZJoy.



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