PTZ Camera Control with Elgato Stream Deck

PTZ Camera Control with Elgato Stream Deck

PTZ Camera Control with the Elgato Stream Deck One of the coolest integrations we have seen lately from our clients is using the Elgato Stream Deck along with PTZJoy PTZ Controller Software to create customized button shortcuts configured to execute PTZ camera actions and control live streaming computer applications like vMix and TriCaster simply with the press of a button! Instead of setting up commands to control PTZ Cameras on the Stream Deck using a web browser, IP address, and web-based command for your camera’s internal PTZ controls (which differ from camera to camera and often have some limitations as to what you can do), you can simply set up the shortcut buttons on Stream Deck to sent HTTP request commands directly to PTZJoy Controller to give you a wider range of control options. You can essentially create a shortcut on Stream Deck to execute any feature or command offered by PTZJoy Controller. Control pan, tilt, zoom functions, switch between cameras, recall presets, recall macros, turn on tally lights, correct camera’s white balance and focus settings, and monitor and switch the preview and active camera in your live streaming setup, and more.   PTZJoy Controller supports all IP and VISCA PTZ […] Read More
Rocosoft Macro Manager - Create Macros to Control PTZ Cameras, vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Switchers

Controlling PTZ Cameras and vMix with Macros

Controlling PTZ Cameras and vMix with Macros In this video I demonstrate the Macro Manager Tool in Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software and show you how create Macros to automate control of your PTZ Cameras and vMix Live Production System. The Macro Manager in Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller software is a powerful automation tool that enables camera operators to automate and simplify their live production or broadcast. Create scripts of commands, or Macros, to control your PTZ Cameras and live production equipment such as vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Switchers, and other equipment that accept external http requests. Use the Macro Manager to create complex sequences and execute them using the Macro shortcut buttons in PTZJoy Controller with a single click of a button or a keypress on a joystick or computer keyboard. Read more about the Macro Manager Tool and see the different Macros you can create for your PTZ Cameras, TriCaster, and vMix here:   Read More
Customize Pan Tilt and Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

Customize Pan Tilt AND Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets

Customize Pan, Tilt, AND Zoom Camera Speed Between Presets One of our most Frequently Asked Questions and one of the biggest issues in live streaming is “How do I switch from one camera preset to another without it looking “jumpy”? We get this question a lot so I wanted to write a post in hopes of helping some of you looking for a solution to this during your live broadcast. A lot of times, camera operators either switch to a different camera’s shot all together while switching the other camera’s preset, or use a still image transition or short video transition using their live streaming software to mask the switch between various camera presets. However, with the right tools, this can be so simple to do. PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller makes it so much easier to get the speed settings just right for switching between various camera shots using the InApp (External) Presets with variable control of pan, tilt, AND now zoom camera speed between presets. Setting up and saving presets in the PTZJoy application with the in InApp preset buttons allows camera operators to configure the speed of the pan, tilt, AND zoom movements between presets using a simple […] Read More

Control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller Turn an Xbox 360 gaming controller into a precise PTZ Camera Joystick Controller. Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller software allows you to connect an Xbox 360 controller to your computer or live production system and use it to control your PTZ Cameras. Easily assign each button and lever on the Xbox 360 controller to execute specific commands and control your PTZ cameras. Pan, Tilt, Zoom, call presets, switch cameras, run macros, and more. Customize Each Button or Lever Any Way You Like PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller has a Joystick Button Setup panel where you can select each button’s command from the drop down menu. Here’s an example of a button mapping setup to control PTZ Cameras with an Xbox 360 Controller: Read More

How to Use Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools to Simplify Workflow

Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software offers a variety of PTZ camera automation tools. Single operators can create some really dynamic productions because they can create shortcuts that automate camera movements to save time, simplify workflow, and eliminate error. All the camera automation tools offered by PTZJoy – the ability to create recordings of camera movements, create playlists for cameras to execute commands, set cameras to run through presets or auto pan, and create macro shortcuts – were designed to help camera operators simplify their task at hand. Managing multiple cameras during a live production doesn’t have to be hard or confusing, not if you have the right tools.     Read More

[SNEAK PEAK] Rocosoft Macro Player – Control PTZ Cameras and vMix, TriCaster, Panasonic Live Production Switchers

Here’s a sneak peak of the Rocosoft Macro Player, our newest camera automation feature that will be available in our new version release of PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software coming soon. Single camera operators will now be able to create some really dynamic productions and simplify their workflow with this awesome new tool. Rocosoft Macro Player allows you to create scripts of commands, called Macros, and then use the Macro shortcut buttons in PTZJoy to execute complex sequences of actions with a single click of a button in PTZJoy or a keypress on a joystick or computer keyboard. PTZJoy Macro Player has robust library of commands for nearly all PTZ Camera functions, as well as the ability to control any live production equipment that responds to HTTP and VISCA commands directly from PTZJoy Software. That means you will be able to control your live production and live streaming switchers such vMix, NewTek TriCaster, and Panasonic Switcher, run scripts, and send out custom HTTP requests and VISCA commands. The possibilities of Rocosoft Software are endless. In this video, we demonstrate how the Macro Player works and show some examples of Macros that we created to control our PTZ cameras along with […] Read More
Working with Presets

How To Set Up and Recall PTZ Camera Presets

Working with PTZ Camera Presets in PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software offers many preset management tools to set and recall PTZ camera presets and help simplify your workflow during your video production or live broadcast. In this video, we demonstrate how easy it is to manage your camera presets and the different options you have for setting and recalling presets.   Read More

How to Control PTZ Cameras with Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller

How to Control PTZ Cameras Rocosoft PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Software offers a variety of precise control options to control PTZ Cameras. In this video, we discuss the different camera control options available in Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software and demonstrate how to control cameras with our precise virtual joystick, keyboard hotkeys, with a trackball mouse, or with any connected USB joystick controller.     Read More

Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software Version 8 Release is Coming Soon

New Features and Functionality with PTZJoy PTZ Camera Controller Version 8! You asked and we listened! We have been compiling a list of feature requests from our clients and will be releasing Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Version 8 in the coming weeks. We are making performance improvements to the current software features and adding some really exciting new functionality. Here’s what to look forward to: Macros to control vMix, TriCaster, and Panasonic switchers and PTZ Cameras. Added possibility to execute individual custom commands, run scripts, load programs, send HTTP requests, etc. Use a Serial Joystick Controller like Sony RM-BR300 Joystick or Telemetrics Joystick controller to control IP Cameras Multi-Camera Direct Control Panel being added to PRO Edition Joystick Button Mapping supports joysticks with up to 30 buttons 4 Joystick Button Mapping Profiles – set up to 4 different configurations (profiles) of button shortcuts on your joystick Support for multiple simultaneously connected USB or Bluetooth joysticks – have multiple joysticks connected and each joystick is assigned a camera to control Multi-Joystick individual camera control – connect multiple joysticks and use them to control individual cameras, any joystick can control any camera Three levels of Soft Joystick Mode Support for Tricaster TC1 […] Read More
Rocosoft PTZJoy Multi-Cam Control Panel

How to use the Direct Camera Control panel

What is the Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel? The Multi-Cam Direct Control panel is a panel that shows you an overview of four cameras. Each block is assigned a port and a camera (both of which you choose), and also includes the ability to manage up to 9 presets and to control your cameras with simple directional buttons. This tool makes it exceedingly easy to manage 4 of your cameras quickly and easily – independent of the main PTZJoy interface. How to Use the Multi-Cam Direct Control Panel From the main PTZJoy panel, click on the “Multi-Joy” button located towards the bottom of the interface. Once the Multi-Cam Direct Control panel is open, in each block configure which port and camera you’d like that block to use from the pictured Drop-Down menus. Once the block has an assigned camera, click any preset to call it. You can fine-tune each preset by clicking which preset you’d like to set, moving the camera into position, and clicking “Set”. Step 1 Image Steps 2 Image Read More
Rocosoft PTZ Camera Automation Tools-Tracer and Task Manager

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule

PTZ Camera Automation – How to Create a Task Schedule PTZJoy Controller’s Task Scheduler is a powerful camera automation tool that lets users create play lists for pre-determined control of your camera(s). Use this feature to create schedules for your cameras to run presets, move in a specific direction at a specific speed, turn on and off, and execute other specific commands. Commands available for scheduling: Presets Directional movements with variable speeds – Left, Right, Up, Down, Up-Left, Up-Right, Down-Left, Down-Right Zoom In and Out with variable speeds Power On/Off Backlight On/Off White Balance On/Off Manual Focus Auto Focus Night Mode On/Off Camera Freeze On/Off Video Mute On/Off Negative Image On/Off B/W Image On/Off Read More
PTZ Controller Supported Cameras with Rocosoft

What PTZ Cameras does Rocosoft PTZJoy Controller support?

What PTZ Cameras does Rocosoft PTZJoy Controller support? Supported PTZ Cameras Below is a list of supported PTZ Cameras for Rocosoft PTZ Camera Joystick Controller Software. Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software supports Sony VISCA, Canon, Pelco, CGI IP, VISCA over IP, and NDI Protocol PTZ Cameras and works with virtually all professional broadcasting PTZ cameras available on the market today. We are constantly working with camera manufacturers and adding new cameras to our list of supported cameras. Supported IP PTZ Cameras  Sony: BRC-X1000, SRG-120, SRG-300, SRG-360, BRC-X400, BRC-H800, BRC-H900, and all newer IP Cameras NewTek: NDI NDIHX PTZ1, NDI PTZUHD, and all newer IP Cameras Telycam: TLC-700-IP-35-4K, TLC-300-IP-12-4K, TLC-300-IP-12, TLC-300-IP-20, TLC-300-IP-5-4K Aida: PTZ X20-IP, PTZ X12-IP Lumens: All Lumens IP PTZ Cameras iSmart: All iSmart IP cameras Marshall: All Marshall IP Cameras Birddog: All Birddog IP Cameras Bolin: All Bolin IP Cameras Angekis: All Angekis IP Cameras PTZOptics: 12X-IP, 12X-USB, 20X-IP, 20X-USB, 12X-SDI-G2, 12X-USB-G2, 20X-SDI-G2, 20X-USB-G2, and all newer cameras. Minrray: All IP Cameras Fla: All IP Cameras Nova: All IP Cameras Avonic: All IP Cameras SMTAV: All IP Cameras Qsc: All IP Cameras Avipas: All IP Cameras Clevermic: All IP Cameras ValueHD: All IP Cameras Sony IPELA: all Sony IPELA IP PTZ Cameras Panasonic: AW-HE2, AW-HE40, AW-HE50, AW-HE60, AW-HE120, AW-HE130, AW-HE150, AW-UE70, AW-UN70, AW-HR140, AW-HE65, AW-UE4, AW-HE38, AW-HE58, AW-HE35, AW-HE48, AW-HE42, […] Read More
Rocosoft Visualets Visual Tiles

How to Setup Presets for your PTZ Cameras

How to Setup Presets for your PTZ Cameras PTZJoy Controller allows users to easily setup presets for your PTZ cameras. You can configure  up to 510 internal and external presets per camera* and recall them with the click of a button. Use the preset selection buttons in the Preset Setup section to select the preset number you wish to set up for the selected camera. Click the Call button. Move your camera in the desired position, type the desired name for the preset in the preset name window, and click Save. Repeat for up to 510 presets* To recall a preset, use the preset selection buttons to select preset number and click Call. The current preset number and name will appear on the screen. If using USB Joystick to select presets, the current preset number and name will also appear on the screen. *depends on how many presets your camera can store and the version of PTZJoy Controller Software you have. Read More
Rocosoft Visualets Visual Tiles

Setting and recalling PTZ camera presets using Visual Preset Tiles

Setting and recalling PTZ camera presets using Visual Preset Tiles Easily set and recall your camera preset positions using the PTZJoy’s visual preset tiles or Visualets. This tool makes preset recall even easier by allowing users to set up their most used presets as a visual button for fast recall. Click on a specific Visualet. Move your camera in desired position, and click Set. Double click on a Visualet to replace the image. Any .JPG file can be used. It can be created using our USB Video monitor (if available) or can be copied from any external device. We also provide a Snipping tool to crop an image off the screen and save it as a .jpg file. Use the Snip button for this task. Repeat for all available Visualets. To recall a preset, click on its Visualet. The Visualet images are saved per port and per camera so, when using multiple cameras, the Visualets will update with saved images every time the active camera is changed. To clear all Visualet images for a specific camera click the Clear button in the Settings panel. Read More
PTZJoy Web Remote

Far End Control of PTZ cameras from a mobile device using the WebRemote

Far End Control of PTZ cameras from a mobile device using the WebRemote PTZJoy Controller’s WebRemote tool allows for far end control of PTZ cameras and users can access their cameras remotely from the web browser of any mobile device over any LAN, Wi-Fi, and WAN IP network. Use it as a far-end controller to switch between cameras, control pan, tilt, zoom, and focus, and call on presets. There is no limit on the quantity of simultaneous connections to our PTZ Web Server. It means that cameras can be controlled simultaneously from as many devices as needed. It’s extremely useful when controlling IP cameras that are connected to an internal LAN network. PTZJoy becomes a gateway so the cameras can be controlled over LAN, Wi-Fi, or WAN with no individual IP addresses for each camera needed. They will be just Cam1, Cam2, Cam3, etc. on the controlling device. Read More
Rocosoft CH IP Desktop USB Professional Joystick for PTZ Camera Control

Using the Button Shortcuts on a USB Joystick

Using the Button Shortcuts on a USB Joystick All USB joysticks are different, but most of them have special shortcut buttons that can be assigned specific commands. You can easily create your own button mapping scenario in the Settings panel. It’s easy to reconfigure the buttons on the joystick controller to your needs. It can be done in the Settings Panel. Simply press a button on the joystick and you will see what number it is assigned to. Select the desired command from the drop-down menu for that button. Repeat for all buttons and click the Set button to save changes. Read More
PTZ Controller TriCaster vMix Wirecast Rocosoft Software Integration

Controlling PTZ Cameras with a USB, Bluetooth, or Gaming Joystick

Turn ANY Joystick into a PTZ Joystick Camera Controller   Instead of getting a costly dedicated joystick control surface, you can use our software to turn a budget-friendly joystick into a precise professional PTZ Joystick Camera Controller. Rocosoft PTZ Camera Controller Software lets you connect ANY wired USB joystick, wireless Bluetooth joystick, or gaming joystick to your computer or live production system and use it to control your PTZ cameras. Control your PTZ Cameras with simultaneous pan, tilt, zoom control as well as variable speed control with the connected joystick, a feature not usually available with many PTZ joystick controller surfaces on the market. Joystick Performance Modes There are also 3 joystick performance modes available that come in handy when broadcasting, live streaming, or recording with your PTZ Cameras. X-Joystick Mode – Enables panning on X axis only. This is great for camera shots where you want a smooth, even pan from left to right. Slow mode – Limits top joystick speed by expanding joystick travel between speed level changes. This is great for when you precision of control and to move the camera at a slower speed range. This mode eliminates any quick speed ups in movement. Soft mode- […] Read More
How to Integrate PTZ Cameras to your LIVE Setup

How to integrate PTZ Cameras into your live setup

How to Integrate PTZ Cameras into your Live Setup Have you wondered how to integrate PTZ Cameras into your live setup? PTZ stands for “pan/tilt/zoom” and refer to robotic cameras that have pan/tilt motors and zoom lenses. The most notable examples of these cameras include Sony, Canon, Panasonic, PTZOptics. There once was a time when the most common solution for video was to have an operator “man” each camera and physically have to operate the various shots using tripods, dollys, etc. But in recent years, PTZ cameras have quickly become a go-to video solution for many different industries because a single operator can control multiple cameras and achieve camera angles not possible with conventional tripod setups. We see PTZ cameras being used in a variety of industries, and have worked with churches, universities, hospitals, and businesses needing to connect and control PTZ cameras for livestreaming, broadcasting, and recording their production. Whether it’s to stream a church service, broadcast a college football game, market your business or stream a corporate event, PTZ  cameras are a convenient and affordable option for organizations big or small. Although PTZ cameras have become popular, there is often confusion in how to connect them, control them, […] Read More